KCSiE Updates 2021

Online safety

KCSiE updates due in September 2021, following the global COVID pandemic and the shift for many schools to blended learning, mean that we are expecting a significant amount of information around online safety in the September KCSiE update.  You will undoubtable also be aware there has been a significant rise in awareness around child sexual abuse which is another area that we are expecting important updates.

To further increase awareness of peer on peer abuse and the importance of staff understanding what it is and responding to concerns about it, the DfE have:

  • made clear that staff should expect to see their school/college approach to peer on peer abuse in the child protection policy.
  • made clear it is essential that when they make a report of abuse all victims are reassured that they are being taken seriously and that they will be supported and kept safe.
  • reiterated the importance of raising “any concerns” about a child with the DSL or a deputy.
  • explained in more detail the risks associated with peer on peer online abuse and what this can look like.
  • made clear peer on peer abuse can happen outside the school or college. As with all forms of abuse schools and colleges should protect a child who has been harmed or is at risk of harm wherever the abuse may have taken place.
  • highlighted that peer on peer abuse can sometime be hidden abuse and that just because there aren’t reports of it, does not mean it is not happening, it could be the case it is simply not being reported. We ask all staff to be vigilant and report
    any concerns.
  • all safeguarding concerns regarding children should be appropriately recorded and we have provided more information for staff as to how the DSL and their deputies should be doing that.

It is going to be imperative that school leaders are able to demonstrate that staff have read and understood all of these changes which is where we can help.

All courses will be available for individual purchase in September or your can buy a licence for the amount of courses you need here so that in September staff can just register and complete a course.  They will get a certificate for your training logs to demonstrate they have understood the training and achieved at least 80%.

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