Education Safeguarding Website Launched

Website Launch

As an experienced school leader, I have to be honest, I found to hard to be proactive when dealing with guidance and requirements from the DfE. This has become increasingly more evident throughout the current pandemic!

Each year, I would spend part of my summer planning our safeguarding training for September and part of this would include any KCSiE updates. The statutory guidance requires that school leaders should:

ensure that all staff in their school or college read at least
Part one of this guidance. The above persons should ensure that mechanisms are in
place to assist staff to understand
and discharge their role and responsibilities as set out
in Part one of this guidance.

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020

To ensure that staff understood KCSiE, I, along with thousands of other school leaders I’m sure, would develop some type of quiz or activity for staff to complete so that I could evidence their understanding should OFSTED come knocking.

Having searched for quizzes to give to staff, I was surprised year after year that there wasn’t anything offered online. So, this is the predominate reason I have launched Education Safeguarding.

There will be separate online courses for all aspects of KCSiE so that you as school leaders can get staff to access the sections they need and have evidence of their understanding. Upon completion of the course, anyone scoring 80% or higher will be given a certificate demonstrating understanding that can be kept in the school’s training logs.

If you have any thoughts or feedback, I’d love to hear it. Please do get in touch using the contact page.

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I completed my BEd Primary degree specialising in ICT at the University of Plymouth. I have now worked in education for last 20 years in a range of roles teaching across the primary spectrum, including History Lead, Maths Lead, Computing Lead, Assessment Lead, EPICT Ambassador, CEOP Ambassador, LA Writing Moderator, Mathematics Mastery School Development Lead, Deputy Head Teacher and my most recent being Head Teacher.

After leading a school through the COVID pandemic, I thought it was time for a little break so left in 2021 to start Education Safeguarding and Pupil Magazines, which are now my full time pursuits.

I hope that they will be something of benefit to schools, pupils and school leaders.